The modular, bulk storage system has been designed for the safe storage, loading and unloading of palletized loads by fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and low height hand loading. It can also be used for the safe storage of bulky non-palletized loads like car panels or carpet rolls and meets the Australian Standard AS4084.
Selective pallet racking is a material handling storage aid system that provides efficient use of storage space for palletised loads and is the most common pallet racking system in use today.
Pallet racking allows for the storage of materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking provides easy beam adjustment and can accommodate a wide range of pallet heights. 
This system is highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of storage options.
Pallet racking allows for the storage of materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. 

Our selective racking systems are compatible with all types and sizes of pallets and may be used with any type of handling system.

Pallet Racking Locking System.

Safety Lock systems are made from high grade, high tensile steel which provides the safe retention of the load beams to the upright frames.

Pallet Racking Load Beams with Shelf Supports.

BOS shelf supports provide additional support and strength to particle board shelves. We offer particle board, cut to size, to suit all your pallet racking needs in both new and used board.


  • Compatible with leading brand systems

  • Easily expanded or adapted by adding or moving components

  • Hold up to 3 tonnes level

  • Quality built ISO9000 Standards

  • Fully tested in Australia & complies to AS4084 Standard

Ideal Solution For:

  • Bulk palletised and general merchandise storage

  • Low height hand picking

  • Particle board packs

  • Mezzanine floors


Selective Racking

• Direct access to pallets with easy accessibility
• Cost effective solution and good stock rotation

Drive-In Racking

• Space efficiency
• If you have the same stock in each lane
this is the ideal solution for your business

Push Back Racking

• Each pallet is pushed back by subsequent pallet loading
• High density storage with different pallet types

Pallet Flow

• Operates on First-In-First-Out principles
• High density storage

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